JULES [ʒyl]

M.Sc Bioinformatics


PhD candidate in Bio- / medical informatics and Tutor at the University of Tübingen / Germany.
Wants to save the world now and then and is in love with science. Here you can find all public project data, slides, tools etc. Some parts are restricted and only accessible via the university network.

Sometime you can find me under the alias




  • Western Digital Firmware Update

    This is a firmware update tool for Western Digital SSDs on Ubuntu / Linux Mint. It provides a user-friendly interface to select the firmware version for the update process. It uses the Western Digital API and the NVME toolbox nvme-cli but is NOT associated in any case to them. It was originally developed for Frame.Work…

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  • Citation Badge

    This badge shows the number of citations of a paper / DOI. Updated daily. Free of charge. When first queried, it may take a few seconds for all citations to be scraped and the number of citations is probably too low. In the next 24 hours the correct number of citations (from google scholar) should…

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  • blosum

    The BLOcks SUbstitution Matrices (BLOSUM) are used to score alignments between protein sequences and are therefore mainly used in bioinformatics. Reading such matrices is not particularly difficult, yet most off the shelf packages are overloaded with strange dependencies. And why do we need to implement the same reader again if there is a simple module…

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  • Informatik 1 (Winter 22)

    Hörsaalzentrum adM. N08, Donnerstag 12 ct. Modul INF1110 – für B.Sc *-Informatik, Physik und MedTech In diesem Tutorium zur Vorlesung Informatik 1, gehalten von Torsten Grust besprechen wir die Übungsblätter, bearbeiten gemeinsam Übungsaufgaben und wiederholen die wichtigsten Teile der Vorlesung.Die offizielle Kommunikation läuft über Discord. Ein (offizielles) Skript zur Vorlesung gibt es nicht, jedoch findet…

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